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Training Day 6: Tethering

on August 11, 2013

Today was a lot more laid back for me. Perry actually got bored in class and started throwing her nylabone around. Ha!

We did our track again this morning. This time I took Ally and walked off to hide in some bushes. While we were sitting there, Ally stars calling ‘Perry. Perry. Uh, Oh. Perry’ like she was trying to say I know I’m supposed to be ‘lost’ come find me. So cute! Periwinkle tracked us down no problem again. I think she knows who she is looking for.

Second half of class, we started some tethering. That was funny watching the dogs in a DOWN and being dragged around by other adults. We don’t want to start with the kids till the dogs are used to knew handlers controlling this and the handlers feel it’s a comfortable thing for the child and dog. I really see this being VERY useful! I can’t wait to use it! There is a short leash for Ally to hold that can make her feel like she is walking the dog. However, I don’t think she will hold it for now. I think Chloe might like it though and it will help keep her close by.

Then we sat on the floor with our dogs and told them LAP. The dogs laid their heads across our legs (because that is where we pointed) and just laid there. It’s a calming behavior disruption. It’s something very comfortable for both kids and dogs. We sat and petted the dogs and the whole room calmed down. I could have sat there like that all day.

Next, was KISSES.  This is exactly what it sounds like. Not all the dogs were trained to give kisses, but it’s a pretty easy thing to teach them. So the trainer showed us in case we would like our dogs to do this.

So, today we took Perry to lunch with us. Two people asked to pet Perry and I said yes. The funny thing is both of the people stood more than arm’s length away and tried to call her to them. Perry did start to move for the first person, I corrected her and told the man he was gonna have to come to her if he wanted to pet her. He was really close to lying across the floor on his belly!! Why he didn’t just take one step closer is beyond me. People surprise me. Other than that one correction, Perry did everything perfect!

Then we took her to Meijer. I guess there were lots of people that stared at us, but I didn’t pay attention. I don’t care if people like or not like Perry in public. I never cared what they thought when my kids acted up or Ally’s weird mannerisms, so why start now. If they don’t like it, they can keep walking. I worked way too hard to provide this for my daughter and I will not allow someone to unload their opinion without a piece of mine. Anyway, Perry did really well, and I thought I did too.

Tomorrow is about grooming. Good, because she needs a brushing!!

Emma swimming Ally around

Emma swimming Ally around


Me practicing LAP command

Me practicing LAP command

013 024

Joe dragging Chex, a Bloodhound/Lab around during tethering practice

Joe dragging Chex, a Bloodhound/Lab around during tethering practice


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