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Training Day 7: Grooming and more

on August 12, 2013


They days are feeling longer. Feeling like we are starting to hit information overload.

We did another outdoor track, this time across pavement and cement.  I walked away with Ally and Joe tracked us with Perry. She struggled over one area that another kid from our group had sat in for quite a while.  Time will resolve this. The only reason it was a struggle is because the dogs are trying to memorize their kid’s scent. Once they do this, it will be almost impossible for the dogs not to find their kids.

This afternoon we talked about grooming and appropriate and not appropriate toys. Found out I’ll need a third brush (or rather, rake) for Perry. I’d really like to bathe and groom her but I need to wait till her hot spot is fully healed, which stinks because she rolled in mud today! At least the slicker brush took out most of it.

Inappropriate toys include rawhides, anything small enough to swallow, anything made from real animals such as pig ears, and no real animal bones. Rawhides are leather and when a dog can’t find their rawhide bone, they will try to find something else with the same scent, including, belts, shoes, or furniture. To the dog, leather smells like leather, no matter what is shaped like.  Also, rawhide is NOT digestible. Real animal products can encourage some natural instincts that we would really not have. Not that the trainers think our dogs would do this because of all the training that goes into them and how much they’ve been worked with, but it’s better to never tempt fate. Real bones splinter easy, some more than others. Chicken bones especially splinter easy and this can cause a major problem for the dogs intestines….if it hasn’t caused a problem before then.

I’ve been getting tired pretty fast in the evenings. Its hard to come back to the hotel, get dinner, let the children get their exercise, walk the dog and practice commands with the dog. We decided not to track tonight, pretty much because we forgot to do it back from swimming and then Ally fell asleep.  We did practice NUZZLE which is an active behavior disruption. If the child is crying, the dog will go nose her like saying ‘Hey, forget about that and pay attention to me!’. This command can be customized to any behavior we don’t want the kid doing. Like for Ally, her teeth grinding and hand flapping.  I also worked on OVER, a command that sends Perry sort of laying over whatever I point at. Ally sat with her legs straight out and I had Perry lay with her front paws and head over her legs. Ally seemed to maybe like it but not for too long. Its supposed to help provide the her with deep pressure some kids really seek out.

I think Perry is starting to bond with Ally. I took her out tonight to go potty and when we came back up and I let her be FREE, I found her next to Ally in the bed! She has also gone and sat or laid by her several times. She is not always doing this when everyone is around but I’m hoping when we go home and the novelty dies down, this will increase and create a strong bond between the two. Ally is definitely seeking Perry out. She calls for her and if I ask her where Perry is, she scans the area looking for her. She even says ‘my Perry’.

Off to bed. We are going to the mall tomorrow and practicing tracking indoors. Till then…..Goodnight!


The OVER command

The OVER command

Practicing tethering

Practicing tethering

Where Perry chooses to lay on her own

Where Perry chooses to lay on her own

Emma enjoying Perry

Emma enjoying Perry

Chloe with Perry

Chloe with Perry

Love the 'hug', but wish Ally's face wasn't blurry. She doesn't sit still! LOL

Love the ‘hug’, but wish Ally’s face wasn’t blurry. She doesn’t sit still! LOL


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