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Our family's journey with a special needs child

Training Day 8: Building Confidence and Bonds

on August 13, 2013


I was ready for a nap before lunchtime. This was the first time we did tracking and Perry had trouble. Don’t get me wrong, she did absolutely awesome, but there were several distractions. She had to pass up fresh cut grass, other dog poop, and a dog walking by.  The trainer said this was like finding a vanilla candle in a shop of all chocolate. Its possible, but she has to work that much harder. Perry just amazes me every time we go out. I may be a little biased, but she’s my favorite in class! 🙂 LOL

We heard about 4 Paws building they have been fundraising for. They are going to add on an extra 14,000 sq. ft. for dog housing, a vet operating room to do their own spaying and neutering, a training facility that can be utilized even when class is in session, etc. Right now they can place 100 dogs a year. This new building will help them increase that. The trainers cannot right now train dogs while class is in. The new building will allow for a classroom and a training room. Class occupies 4 months out of the year! That’s a lot of training time lost! There’s a lot more to it. So if you can, go to their website and donate to their building funds!! These dogs are so amazing and 4 Paws is a one of a kind place! No other service dog agency can compare…..we looked.

After lunch, we headed to the mall and did 3 inside tracks. Its quite different than outdoor tracking. The head snaps are smaller and I thought it was harder to read her. I know this will get better as we get to know each other more.  Once we completed our tracks, we headed down to the food court and did a little obedience training. Got some tips on heeling and walking the stairs. Other than that, we did pretty well.

Tonight (I wish I had gotten a picture) Joe went to lay Ally down for bed and as they walked passed Perry, her head snapped up to watch. Then she jumped up immediately and followed into the bedroom, jumped on the bed and started nuzzling Ally!! She laid with her for a little bit. It was so sweet!!

I was so tired today that I came back to the hotel and laid in bed for an hour. Perry laid with me. J Only a couple days left. I’m feeling pretty good about it. Smiling towards the future…..and getting home to my own bed!! 😛

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