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Our family's journey with a special needs child

Training Day 9: Zzzzzzzzz

on August 13, 2013


Practicing OVER on Ally

Practicing OVER on Ally

Laying with distractions all around

Laying with distractions all around

If I thought I was tired yesterday, I couldn’t have been more wrong! Last night was a looonnnggg one! Emma and Chloe were missing me some and wanted to sleep with me, so we crammed the 3 of us in a hotel queen bed. Those 2 thrashed all night long. I tried to move to the floor….well I may not be ‘old’ but my body says its too old to sleep there anymore. I curled up in a U shape at the foot of the bed but no matter where I was, it wasn’t good enough to sleep. I was up just about all night.

Ally had a seizure at around 6 am. Joe told me to go get Perry because it was the middle of the seizure.  We tried to get her to sniff around Ally but I think there was too much excitement about getting out of the kennel that Perry had a hard time focusing. Today, Jeremy gave us some tips on how to make that more effective in the future. He also believes Perry had alerted us 10 hours prior to it happening!! Ally came to Joe last night and wanted to go to bed and as they walked passed Perry, her head snapped up from a squeaky toy with treats in it. She watched them intently enter the bedroom then got up to follow. She jumped on the bed with Ally, wagging her tail and licked Ally a few times in the face, then laid with her.  Its not a positive, but the trainer feels very confident that that’s what it was. Very exciting!

We did some more outdoor tracking this morning, then back to the training center. We learned a few more tricks. We did ROLL OVER and BANG (this is where you pretend to shoot your dog with a finger gun and they fall to the side like their dead). BANG can also be changed to about any sound or word you want. There is also a SIDE command that makes them lay the exact same way.

After that we worked on more obedience, this time off the leash. The dogs did SIT and DOWN, then to my surprise would HEEL without a leash on!! I thought that was really cool.

Just about time for dinner. This hotel is pretty awesome! I’ll write a separate post on that and tips for future families. For now, its dinnertime and then early to bed!

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