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Training Days 10 & 11: More practice and talks

on August 16, 2013


I was just too tired yesterday to write, so this is a double post.

Day 10:

Tracking again in the morning. Nothing much to say about it. It is going really well.

The afternoon we went to the mall as our last outing as a class. We did walked with the trainer to work on the HEEL command. Perry and I do great almost everywhere….except the mall. Jeremy seemed to think its because the dogs are still immature and it’s the first time the dogs can smell each other but not see each other. It took some extra motivation with whole pupperoni’s, but it worked. We did walk by an older lady with some tall white hair that scared Perry to the point she actually gave a small bark! Dogs can get spooked by new things just like people. So things like tall white hair, people that stare with fear, huge ZZ Top beards, etc. can look pretty scary to them if they’ve never seen it before. We got passed all that and the rest of our walk went fine.

That night, we tried some Lavender essential oil on all my girls’ feet to help with the restlessness and Ally not sleeping well. It worked awesome!! The girls slept so great! Finally a night’s sleep!


Day 11:

Today we started with the normal track. The trainer said Perry’s nose is pretty darn good for a tracking dog! Like better than normal.

We did try putting the dogs in a DOWN or a STAND while we kept walking. It takes the dogs an extra step or two to process the fact that they are supposed to stop and we keep walking. We struggled with the STANDING in motion but the DOWN in motion was a piece of cake. We need work together as a team, but we are doing good for as much time as we’ve had together so far.

The afternoon was dedicated to talking about taking the dogs home. Spent a lot of time talking about taking them in airports and introducing them into a school. For some reason it never dawned on me that we could wait a couple months or even till next school year to send Perry to school. Its something to think over. Even if we waited till mid-year, that would give us time to solidify Ally and Perry’s bond together and my handler bond with Perry. Frankly, its  intimidating to think of turning around and trying to train someone to handle Perry at school when I’m still such a novice at it myself. Its food for thought.

Tomorrow is testing and we are going first. Sounds like its really hard to fully ‘fail’. There are ways to ‘fail’ like if the the dog goes potty in the mall or bites someone, but what are the odds of that happening…..LOL oh yeah, Perry pooped in front of GNC our first outing at the mall! Anyway, if you fail, you get another chance. Basically they want to see that you can handle your dog to keep them safe and the people around you safe. I don’t think we will have too much of a problem, but I’m still a little nervous. Wish us luck!

Perry's first bath....with us at least

Perry’s first bath….with us at least

Emma, Ally, and Chloe.....getting so big

Emma, Ally, and Chloe…..getting so big

This was a lot more interesting than eating breakfast

This was a lot more interesting than eating breakfast

Ally is really loving Periwinkle

Ally is really loving Periwinkle

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