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Training Day 12: Testing and tearful goodbyes

on August 17, 2013



Perry performed like a champ! I was proud of her and me. Gotta pat myself on the back too. I mean, she already knew her stuff, it was me that needed to prove myself. It was not that difficult of a test. We HAD been working on all the stuff ALL 2 weeks we’ve been there. So actually it would have been kind of sad if we failed.

After our test, we headed back to 4 Paws to sign paperwork and receive Perry’s medical records. Then it was onto introduction to fosters, breeders, trainers, kennel staff, vet staff, and the 2 old ladies that raise money for 4 Paws (that’s how they put it!) LOL. Each family got a chance to introduce ourselves to those people and say our thanks or whatever we wanted. I think we made it to the 3rd family when the mom started crying and I lost it. I was done for after that. It got to be my turn and I couldn’t keep the tears out or my voice from choking up. I tried to lighten the mood because I guess that’s just how I am.

There were pictures taken and hugs exchanged. It was a very emotional time. These families and even the trainers have been a significant part of our lives for the better part of 12 days. And being here meeting everyone made it that much more real. I have never had a group of people like this in my life and I really hope I get to see them all again. I know even if not, they will be only a phone call away or as bad as we all are about Facebook, I can write them there and get a reply probably within 30 mins! LOL Love you all and wish you all the best with your kids and all endeavors here on out.

I wish I could really express my feelings about this journey. It was no simple decision to get a SD. And seeing the love and care put into these dogs to bring them up specifically for our kids…..well, I wish I lived closer to participate in helping these amazing people bring up these dogs. Hey, maybe I’ll change professions one day! Ha. My heart is in cooking. Maybe I’ll just come cook for everyone! 🙂

Now its time to start a new journey with a very loving, sweet, playful dog named Periwinkle.

Signed, sealed, and certified!

Signed, sealed, and certified!


We did it!

We did it!

One response to “Training Day 12: Testing and tearful goodbyes

  1. Erica says:

    Always a phone call away! You all are a huge part of our family now! Till next time, take care! Big hugs!

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