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Home sweet home

on September 4, 2013

We’ve been home now almost 3 weeks. I wanted to update sooner than this, but its been crazy busy! We came home on the Saturday after graduation, and barely got to rest Sunday. On Monday, the girls all started school (first day was actually that last week we were gone) and Joe and I headed back to work. I was also on a mission to push for an Autism Spectrum diagnosis. I’m still in the middle of this, but it looks very likely that someone will give it to us.

Also had a discussion with school about Periwinkle attending. Joe and I had decided not to send Perry until at least January, just to give Ally and her plenty of time to secure a good bond, and to solidify Joe and I’s handling skills. After all, we do have to train someone else to handle her in school and I don’t want to feel like a novice, I’d like to know Perry’s cues better and be able to answer questions without running to the phone and calling one of the trainers.

I was unsure about the bond, I mean, why not, it is pretty new to all of us! It’s just me being me, over worrying. Can’t blame me though. After all the work that has gone into fundraising, training and bringing her home, I want it to be right. There have been some changes over the last few days in Perry and Ally’s relationship we’ve noticed. Ally gets home from school and Perry is super excited! She is trying to nuzzle Ally and lick her all over! Ally is not sure if she likes it or not. She giggles and cries. I know Ally can do without the licking. She tries to push Perry away and Perry gets right back in there. I’m still learning whether this is excitement to see her or if its an alert. She hasn’t alerted enough (or maybe we haven’t caught the clues) for me to say yes, everytime she acts this way, a seizure is surely to follow. I do see Perry taking to Ally more though. Last night, my parents took Ally back to their house (right next door to us) and Perry did not seem to like that. She was running to the basement and prancing till Joe opened the door and she could go ‘find’ Ally. But of course, Ally wasn’t there. So she paced the upstairs till Ally came home and then greeted her and calmed down. So I think we are getting somewhere on that bond, and that makes me happy and a little more relaxed.

We have practiced a few tracks. Joe is excellent at reading Perry’s movements, but I still need some help. He has no problem following Perry’s cues and finding Ally and I, but when I handle Perry, it’s a different story. We went to the park one day and Joe walked Ally into the woods on a walking trail. I thought he went right and Perry seemed to think so too. She tugged me way down the trail and when we got to the end and still didn’t find them, she stopped to pee and poop! She never did this once during training at 4 Paws. She also seemed to lose interest. We backtracked to the last place I was sure they were (there was only one other direction to go) and headed that way, but it still didn’t seem like Perry smelled her until we were practically on top of them. We praised her like crazy, but I didn’t feel good about the track at all. I definitely need more practice in this area! I couldn’t help but think ‘JESSA (a trainer who spent most of the tracking lessons with us), WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU!!’. Ha!

Our Miss Periwinkle is getting bored, I think. She goes and gets any shoe she finds and brings it back to the living room. She doesn’t chew on it, but lays it between her front paws and waits for us to take it away. We never make a big deal of this, just remove it and give her one of her toys. I’ll be heading to the store soon to buy a few new items to rotate for her. We are trying to find a groove of getting her more exercise and still getting everything else done that needs done. It seems like a lot now, but I know it will be second nature sooner than later.

Perry has brightened all of our days! She is so happy in the morning and loves that everyone staggers out at different times. She gets excited every time someone different walks out or she will go to their doors and wait for me to let her in and pounce on the beds to wake them with nudges and licks! The girls LOVE IT! Ally gets up every morning with a smile and a ‘Hi, Perry!’.  Tomorrow will be 1 month since we met Perry. She has made all of lives a little brighter and we are all grateful for her presence.

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