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Getting to know each other

on October 28, 2013

Its been a while since my last update. Shame on me, but life has been pretty busy here lately. I know, I know. Lame excuse. Everyone uses that when they don’t get around to something. Ok, on with our news.

Its been a little over 2 months home with our furry friend, Periwinkle and its been a wonderful 2 months at that! Watching Allison and Perry grow their bond together has been such an amazing sight. Its crazy how far they have come in such a short amount of time.

We are to the point now that Perry definitely takes note of Ally where ever she is. We’ve noticed that when Ally decides to go to the basement  (that’s the toy room), Perry will go down to scope things out then lay at the top of the stairs where she can hear her. And she will stay there till Ally comes upstairs. If Perry is in the living room sleeping or playing, and Ally walks thru, Perry ALWAYS stops what she’s doing to watch her. I’d say 50% of the time, she will even get up to follow her to see where Ally is headed. The lay together a lot. Perry will grab her Kong and lay next to Ally on the floor and then usually Ally ends up wiggling over to rest her head on Perry’s side.  They are the cutest thing to watch!

Ally has recently started to actually try to play with Perry. She will go pick up Perry’s toy and bring it to her. I can now, give Ally treats to feed Perry. It used to be I’d have to do a hand-over-hand to get Ally to give it to Perry, but now she will reach out, take the treat, and give it to her all on her own. Ally gets to give Perry whole treats, lots of treats, and peanut butter. Perry says ‘mmm’! Well, not really. More like air being inhaled quickly as she gulps down whatever tasty morsel Ally offers……or drops . 🙂 No wonder that dog follows her so much!

The tethering has been way awesome! We use it most nights that haven’t been too cool to take Ally out. My husband likes to sit outside and takes the 2 of them out for fresh air and a walk. We went to our local downtown trick or treating at the stores yesterday. Walked for 40 minutes and Ally never once asked to be picked up! A-mazing!! Perry did great with the crowd, candy and kids. A photographer had to stop and take a picture of Ally and Perry walking so I’ll be keeping an eye out in the newspaper for their picture.

Found out last night that Perry has a new skill set that 4 Paws forgot to tell us about…..she’s a physical therapist! LOL! Perry was ‘chasing’ her last night thru the house and Ally RAN! Like a real run. For the first time. EVER. She’s been able to do this staggering, drunk looking quick walk, but what I’m talking about is a true 6 year old run. Strong, long strides and all! They’d run from the living room to Ally’s bedroom and back. Over and over and over. I wish I had videoed it. We were sure if she would ever have a steady of enough gait to do it. Can’t tell I’m impressed, proud or excited, eh??? :):):)

The seizure work. I’m sure you are curious about how that’s going, since it is the reason we started out on the journey for Perry. Well, Ally has been having seizures about every third night for the past 2 months. That’s a lot more than we originally thought. We had her sleep with either her dad or I for awhile with Perry to try and track how they were doing seizure-wise and alerting-wise.  After that, Ally and Perry went back to their own room to practice together. Not so good unfortunately. I started noticing Ally would have seizures and Perry never barked. Then it got a little difficult to get Perry to go to bed with Ally. She would be hesitant about going in there but ultimately did because I told her to. Then last week, I woke to hearing Ally moving around her room. I thought she had just woke up and was doing this stomping stimming thing she does, but that wasn’t it at all. She was on the floor, half under bed, trapped by the metal framework of her bed and the trundle (that has no mattress on it), having a big convulsive seizure. She had thrown herself around so much, it left bruises on her arms. 😦 And Perry, well, Perry was terrified! Poor dog had her head bowed, tail tucked and when Ally was done seizing and I asked Perry to get in the bed….she bolted out the door!! It was pretty discouraging.

But nothing a simple phone call to her trainer can’t fix! They explained that the real life situation is much different from our practice sessions for the dogs. Our practice sessions, there’s lots of different people involved, treats, praise and all around fun! The real life situation is totally opposite. Perry can smell stress, anxiety, tension. She’s alone with her girl that she knows something is wrong but doesn’t know what. Her girl is acting weird, family is rushing in and its not what we practice. So its super scary for her right now. She needs a little time to realize that Ally is still Ally when its all over. Right now, she’s not sure what to think. So the trainer assured me that give her some time, and she will come around. We just keep practicing and Perry will probably be fine with it once she sees its all gonna be ok. I mean, she is an animal, not a machine so she needs adjust time too. This is the part 4 Paws could train for her. Only Ally and her can find this together, so we will keep on what we are doing and help them both. Oh, and we had to up Ally’s meds.

All our lives have flipped since receiving Perry. She affects us all. She is so loving and sweet. One of the 4 Paws staff was sad to see Perry go and said ‘She never let you have a bad day’. And that’s absolutely true. 🙂


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